Loved By 25 Million Children For Over 30 Years

Inspired by a
Childhood Memory

Imagination and warm water brought homemade dolls to life!

WaterBabies® dolls were inspired by our inventor’s childhood memory of his sisters making baby dolls from water balloons filled with warm water. The girls would wrap these balloons in blankets and smother them with love. It was from this simple, cuddly experiment that the WaterBabies® brand was born. Since its introduction 30 years ago, WaterBabies® has given joy to millions of children who love to snuggle with their warm dolls. To celebrate this milestone birthday, WaterBabies® and Just Play are working together to help provide families with access to clean and safe water. Buy a WaterBabies® doll and help us donate to charity: water. From our family to yours, will you join us?

Generations of Love

Love this doll. It’s very sweet and pretty similar to the original WaterBabies® doll which I still have (my daughter sleeps with it every night).


I loved them when I was little and was excited to see that they are still being made and at an affordable price, now that I have a little girl of my own.


My daughter just turned 3 and this is her "baby". As soon as this arrived and she saw it, it was all the rage and she carried it everywhere, forgetting about all her other babies.

Alexandria customer

I had a WaterBabies® doll when I was little and I loved playing with it. I recently bought my daughter one and she loves it too. It brings back old memories for me and it is something that I can play with my daughter with. Love this product!!

Kristina customer