Water Changes Everything

We believe in a world where everyone has access to clean water. Charity: water is more than a charity. It’s a belief that ending the global water crisis can be done, because basic access to clean, safe drinking water can and does change lives. Similarly, WaterBabies® dolls are more than a toy. It’s about bringing a baby doll to life with some warm water and a child’s imagination. For that reason, coming together was natural for us. We decided to celebrate WaterBabies® 30th Anniversary by honoring the heart and soul of WaterBabies® and investing in a mission to bring clean water to communities in need through an alliance with charity: water. The idea is simple: when you buy a WaterBabies® doll, we donate money to charity: water. The more we sell, the more we can donate. Will you join us?

Buy a WATERBABIES® doll & we will donate money to bring clean and safe drinking water to families all over the world.

girl holding doll

A percentage of your purchase will be donated to charity: water.

The inspiration for WaterBabies® dolls came from our founder’s childhood memory of his sisters making baby dolls from water balloons filled with warm water. The girls would wrap these balloons in blankets and smother them with love. It was from this simple, cuddly experiment that the WaterBabies® brand was born. Since its introduction 30 years ago, WaterBabies® has given joy to millions of children who love to snuggle with their warm dolls. To celebrate this milestone birthday, WaterBabies® and Just Play are working together to help provide communities, families and children with access to clean and safe water. Buy a WaterBabies® doll and help us donate to charity: water. From our family to yours, will you join us?

WaterBabies® has a goal of funding 20 water projects.

Phase 1 has completed 5 out of 10 wells.

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to families in developing countries.